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Social + economical

We will assess the problem you are tackling with your business. Next, we will talk about your business goals and how we can strategize to reach them. We'll take a look at your budget to see if it makes more sense to work together on an on-going basis or if we can make suggestions/outline at an affordable one-time price.

How we do it

It's painful to see upcoming brands fail when they haven't taken advantage of low-cost tactics from the beginning. Working with venture capital also doesn't mean you have bookoo bucks to spend either. Coming from experience in both scenarios, each can thrive on a lower budget than one may think.  

Why we do it

Sometimes we think we can take shortcuts without a strategy. Building a brand does not have to be expensive. You just have to know how to spend your time and money.

Social strategy


Brand Strategy

Strategic partnerships

New product development

Sales/Lead generation strategy

Low-budget marketing campaigns

What we do

We know you don't have money. Who has money to "throw" away? We won't let you do that. What we will do is guide you through strategical tactics and experiments to optimize the little money you do have. Investing in your brand will increase your chances of gaining sales, attracting top tier talent, brand recognition, partnership and investment opportunities, and competing with brands that have 10x your current budget.

We've been on a mission to bring back organic engagement since 2014.




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We can help

Whether it's a new app, a social media technique or her engaged commitment to art and communication, Salina is a key person I turn to for advice. Most of all and least overlooked is her continued support and loyalty, which in my book speaks measures.

We help influencers and individuals.


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍In just a year, Salina helped us close Fortune 500‍‍‍ clients and quadrupled our userba‍‍‍se.

Salina helped us hire high caliber engineers within our space for a fraction of the cost.

‍‍‍We build and grow brands.



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Before I worked with Salina, I only had great content. Afterwards, I had great content AND great distribution. Often times, making great work takes time away from figuring out how to scale your marketing. Salina makes it easy and helped me 5x my social media following in just a few months. I would recommend Salina for any creator who would like to focus more on their craft. ‍‍‍